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On this page you will find multiple types of questions you should ask your wealth management advisor.

And even if you think you do not have a lot of ' wealth " as normally thought of,probably that is the main reason you should be getting the best advice available!.

Some of the questions are similar to allow you to ask for answers in the manner you feel most comfortable.There are no right or wrong answers in this list.You need to deal with somone who has the correct licenses and with whom you feel you can deal with confidence.

The questions are asked in no particular order to make sure you consider the various elements involved.

Experience. Do you have the necessary licenses and certifications to advise me?

Fees. How do you get paid for investments you recommend? Do some pay more than others? Are you paid commissions on investments or other products you sell? Aside from what I pay you, will there be other costs?

Proactive communications. How frequently will you communicate with me?Do you proactively send out rationale for buy/sell recommendations on stocks and funds?

Access to Information. Ask your advisor to explain the top holdings of the strategies he or she is recommending

CAPS Canadians spend more time shopping for food or a house than looking for a financial advisor. These questions are important to your financial well being.Oftentimes, investors may not know the questions to ask. Or they may get runaround answers.

Personalized service. What services do you offer? Will you be the only person working with me?

Investment philosophy. Ask your advisor to describe, in simple terms, his or her investment approach.and how each client receives personal service.

How many clents do you handle?. What will you do if the markets collapses ?

What is your plan? If I need access to my money,can I get it the same day?

Did you design the suggested portfolio?

Whose responsibility is it to stay in contact? yours or mine?

Have there been complaints against you?

Do you own the same investment and insurance products you are recommending?

What happens to my account if something happens to you?

Why did you choose to become a financial advisor?

Can you give me an example of your commitment to your clients?

How did you handle 2008?

Were your clients happy with your recommendations as to what to do?

What’s the past performance of your model portfolio?

Are you listening to me or pitching your own products? Do you lose clients? If so,why?

Mind if I bring a friend to the interview?

What types of clients do you have the most success with?

How broad is your experience?

How will you work with my accountant?

can you work my existing investments into your portfolio structure?

How often can I expect to hear from you?

Is there insurance to protect me from fraud?

Exactly how do you make money?

Commission or do I pay a fee?

What’s your investment style?

Conservative or? How do you minimize risk for clients?

What kinds of returns have you delivered?

How are you investing your own money?


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