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About Us is the wealth management arm of The Hughes Trustco Group, the most trusted name in Canada for independent insurance, retirement income and general financial planning advice and expertise.

Our advisers and partners specialize in helping Canadians with their financial, insurance protection and income needs at every stage of life. We aren’t captive to any single insurance company , mutual fund company or other types of vendors: they have access to all major carriers in Canada. Because we aren’t captive, our advisors can help you select from a full menu of options, and help guide you to what course of action is the best one for you to take.

Here are some common questions we help our clients answer every day.

• Will I have enough income to retire on?

• How long will my money last?

• How much life insurance do I need?

• Should I buy term or permanent life insurance?

• What are the advantages of using registered vs. non-registered funds?

• What happens to my estate after I’m gone?

• What is the most tax efficient way for me to save money?

• How can I secure a guaranteed income for life for me and for my surviving spouse?

• Do I need a single or joint annuity?

• How can I maximize my pension?

• How can I pass on the maximum financial legacy to my children?

• What is the most affordable life insurance available?

• What annuities are granting the best rates?

• How can I protect my money against market risk?

• How can I guard against inflation?

• How can I protect myself against rising interest rates?

• Am I paying more than I need to for insurance?

• Am I vulnerable to losing my savings to lawsuits or bankruptcy?

And many more.

If you want or need answers to these questions or could just use a financial check-up to ensure everything is on target, contact us today, at 514-842-9001.

Again, there’s no charge to you for any of our services. It’s absolutely free. So call today! We look forward to working with you.


Ivon T. Hughes

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